Welcome to Mountain Creek Outfitters' new website.

Mountain Creek Outfitters is located in the trophy-rich province of Saskatchewan.

Welcome to Mountain Creek Outfitters Website.

The last few years have been very good for the deer herd in Saskatchewan with more normal winters, less snow and our cold spells are short and few. A reduction in the wolf population in most areas has helped immensely also. I have been snaring and trapping them for 6 years now and their population in my area is at a very manageable number. I will continue my effort every year to keep this number low. This is very noticeable in the deer behavior and numbers.

The population is very strong with plenty of mature bucks and young bucks running everywhere. The does seem to be mostly having twins which is a sign of easy winters and low predation. The hunting is excellent now and looks even better in the future.

A lot has changed around the camp and in the woods the last couple years. A new lodge has been built and the old one is gone. Some renovations have been done to the hunter's quarters and a well now supplies the water. This all makes the time spent in camp more enjoyable.

With some new equipment, argo and skidder, I have been able to access some new area and also get back into some stand sites we haven't used in years due to trails been ruined or bridges been pulled. I also purchased some new blinds from Badgerland Hunting Blinds that make it easier to spend the day sitting in the woods. For the cold days I have body suits made by Half in The Bag for the hunters to use. The warmer and more comfortable you are sitting the better the odds you won't miss an opportunity when a big buck goes by.

I strongly promote only harvesting mature bucks and do not promote "Tag Filling” so I can advertise a high kill success rate. The majority of my clients are looking for a mature animal and realize that you probably won't harvest one every year but know you can't shoot a big one sitting in camp with a small one hanging on the meat pole. They also realize the small ones they let walk are the ones they will be after next year.

I am allocated a limited number of hunters per year by our provincial biologist and this number will never damage the population of the deer even with 100% kill ratio but if I feel that it might affect my mature bucks I will not fill all the tags to ensure better hunting for the ones that do come.

Best wishes to you all and thank you for visiting my site. Hope to see some of you at my camp and good luck on all your hunting adventures.

A typical day of hunting with Mountain Creek Outfitters consists of an early morning start with a hardy breakfast prepared by our cook. You will then grab a lunch and a hot thermos of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and get ready to go on stand.

Virtually all our stands are enclosed either elevated tripods or ground blinds. Baiting is legal in Saskatchewan and I use barley and second cut alfalfa at my baited locations.

Depending on which stand and conditions you will depart camp on an atv or in a pickup. Some stand sites are accessible by pickup and some will be a combination of pickup and atv. The closest stands will be only minutes away and some are as far as 20 miles away.

We will do a midday check with radios. Some hunters choose to hunt all day while others hunt from morning to mid-afternoon. Whenever you choose to come in there will be a warm wood fire burning to warm you up followed by a home cooked meal.

Your trophy will be skinned the head caped and antlers cut off however you like by myself or other guides. If you are transporting your meat home it can be deboned for transport.

For the days when you are tagged out and still in camp you can just relax or ride around with us baiting, scouting and trapping.

We will do our best to make this a great holiday not only a great hunting trip.

The camp consists of two remote cabins, one is the kitchen eating area and guide quarters and the other is sleeping quarters for hunters. There is running water and indoor plumbing and power is provided with a diesel generator.

Booking a hunt with Hanz Meyer at Mountain Creek Outfitters in Saskatchewan will assure that you enjoy and witness the complete Canadian hunt experience. I have hunted both bears and whitetails with Hanz and can endorse his operation as top notch with lots of active stand sites producing nice bucks. In 4 days on deer stand, I saw 16 bucks before I squeezed on a 140 class. Spring bear hunts are no different, our 2008 spring bear hunt was also 100% with 2 of 5 bears exceeding 300lbs. Hanz makes you feel at home and will accommodate any special needs you have. The lodge is tucked deep in off the main road and most stands are really remote. Access to stands is via truck and/or ATV. All deer and bear are weighed prior to skinning (I like that). Camp is about 1 hour outside of Carrot River making runs to town easy. Meals are good, accommodations are 2 hunters per room with the bunk house able to hold 8 comfortably. Showers and food are hot and nights are quiet.

- Dave Barsigian, Old Forge, PA

Moutain Creek Outfitters is one of my favorite outfitters to hunt with. The quantity and quality of the whitetails is amazing. Hanz and his staff are top notch. Looking forward to my 2012 hunt.

- Wayne Volkema, Milford, MI

I have been hunting across Canada for the past 16 years. I have hunted with many different outfitters. I have hunted mostly whitetail but have hunted black bear, caribou, elk, and bison. After many years I finally met up with Mountain Creek Outfitters. I have hunted with Hanz for the past 6 years and it has been great. The camp is very nice and the guides and cook are friendly and look out for you. It's nothing to see 10-25 deer per day. I have passed on many 150 class bucks. I did kill a 171 class 3 years ago with a drop tine in his right beam. For the past 2 years I have passed on 170-180 class, for my goal now is to break 200. My opinion is you cannot find a more honest person than Hanz Meyer. Book now, you will not be sorry.

- Warren Hoffman, Grosse Tete, LA

Thank you for a very enjoyable and successful hunt. We had a great time and the food was fabulous. I would highly recommend your spring bear hunts to anyone interested in a good time and successful archery bear hunt. My bear ended up making Pope and Young minimum qualifications! Thanks for a good time I look forward to coming back.

- Eric Kibler, St. Joseph, Ill

Mountain Creek Outfitters offers a super experience for a quality Saskatchewan deer or bear hunt. My friends and I have enjoyed 4 consecutive annual hunts and have taken a 156 inch 11-pointer, a 140 class 8-pointer and have had shot opportunities at other 150 class bucks. When it comes to Spring bear hunting, Mountain Creek is a unique and exciting place. The camp is located deep in bear country with a variety of excellent bait sites located in diverse habitats including swampy/marshy areas and more mountainous wooded regions as well. The stands include ground blinds, ladder tree stands, hang-on tree stands and a few permanent wooden tree platforms. The bears are plentiful with color phase bears being seen regularly. We have had greater than 100% shot opportunities every year and have taken 15 bears in 3 years, including several bears over 300 lb and 3 or 4 chocolate phase bears. The camp is rugged with just the right balance of creature comforts including a spacious log cabin with wood burner for sleeping the hunters and a separate guide quarters and kitchen facility with plenty of tasty food. Best of all, the guides are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and genuinely enjoy the thrill of getting you your bear, especially if you are a novice. If you have the time, Tobin Lake is about an hour and a half away and 30 to 40 inch pike are plentiful with an occasional northern pike topping 45 inches.

- Carl Barsigian

Dear Hanz, Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the deer hunt with you this past November. Although the weather conditions were not conducive to good hunting, both Moffatt and I were able to take two very nice 155 class deer. This was my 4th trip to Saskatchewan hunting in the last 9 years and it was certainly one of the two best trips I have had. I would just love to see what I can do if we had cold and snowy weather. Your guides seem very eager to please and the food was certainly good enough to put a few pounds on me. I ask that you pass on my best to everyone involved in our week up there and I certainly look forward to a return trip.

- Paul Scott

I have always enjoyed myself there. It is a home away from home. The hunts have been awesome, and the hospitaliy is always great. I have harvested a 160 class buck with mountain Creek and two Pope and Young bears, one measured 19 9/16 the other 18 4/8. The scenary is awesome, and the fishing is pretty good too.

- Leslie Gallmeier

I have been to Mountain Creek hunting bears two times now. If you are looking for a world class bear hunt with great accommodations this is the place to go. I saw a ton of bears and you have a great opportunity to kill a color phase bear. I took 6 of my friends with me the second time and we killed out in 4 days. You can't beat that.

- Adam Crumrin, Martinsville, Illinois

Hanz, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed hunting with your outfit. Our group has hunted 9 times in Saskatchewan with multiple outfitters and I consider your camp one of the best we have been in. We loved the wilderness location while having all the comforts of home! This includes the best meals in Sask!! A special thanks goes out to all of your guides who are simply put…the best. They all worked hard and know their stuff. We can’t wait to get back in camp with you and all the guys. Thanks again and have a great year.

- Tim Gardner, Sinking Spring, PA

The whitetail hunts are $4000.00 USD includes license, habitat and allocation ($350.00 CAN).



Extra costs:

  • Travel to lodge
  • Gratuities for Staff

Printable Booking Forms

If you are planning a hunting trip this year please use this form: Current Year
If you are planning your trip next year or later please use this form: Future Year

The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration (Form CAFC 909 EF), and its continuation sheet (Form CAFC 910 EF) must be presented in triplicate, unsigned, to a customs officer at your first point of entry into Canada. Available online here.

Look over the Saskatchewan Hunting Guide for more hunting information.

What To Bring for Spring Bear Season

1. Clothes for temperatures between 25 and 80 degrees F.
2. If you are rifle hunting you must have a white or blaze orange jacket and an orange hat (white or orange camouflage is not acceptable, vests are not acceptable), this is required by law
3. Bug jacket
4. ThermaCell and refills- we have found these priceless when the mosquitos are bad
5. Water proof footwear
6. Rain gear
7. Any cover scent or lure you like to use
8. Bow or gun case
9. Fishing equipment for pike and walleye if you wish to fish
10. All meals are provided but feel free to bring any snacks or drinks you like
11. Personal care products
12. Slippers or light shoes to wear around camp
13. Favorite spirits

What To Bring For Deer Season

1. Warm clothing and boots for temperatures as low as -30 degrees F.
2. White or blaze orange jacket and a blaze orange hat - orange or white camouflage is not acceptable - a vest also is not acceptable (most people pick up a very large cheap white cover up that will go over their regular clothes) - this is required by law
3. Any cover scents or lures you like to use
4. Personal care products
5. Lunches and meals are provided but feel free to bring along any snacks or drinks you like
6. A small thermos to take on stand
7. Slippers or light shoes to wear around camp
8. A small pack to take on stand
9. A face mask is very helpful to keep you warm on cold days
10. Hand and foot warmers
11. Hand muff and light gloves
12. A lot of my hunters are using heater body suits and find this a very effective way to keep warm
13. Favorite spirits

Directions from Saskatoon Airport

1. Leave airport on Airport Drive, follow to Circle Drive
2. Turn left on Circle and follow to College Drive
3. Take the second exit to College Drive East and follow to Hwy. 41
4. Turn left on Hwy. 41 and follow to Hwy. 23 by Crooked River
5. Turn left on Hwy. 23 and follow to Carrot River
6. Here you can pick up your hunting license at CR Service(ESSO)- it is open Sunday but they do not accept credit cards for your license
7. Continue north on Hwy. 23 to Hwy. 55
8. Turn right on Hwy. 55 and follow to the end, this highway turns to gravel part way out
9. Turn right on Hwy. 9 and go about 1 mile to the top of the big hill
10. Turn left right at the top of the hill by the small cabin
11. Follow the trail straight into the woods 3/4 mile and turn into the camp at the steel gate

Drive Carefully

Directions From Winnipeg, Manitoba

1. Follow Hwy. 1 West of Winnipeg to Hwy. 16
2. Turn right on Hwy. 16 and follow to Yorkton, Saskachewan
3. Turn right on Hwy. 9 and follow to Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
4. Here you can get your hunting license at North East Service - they are open Sunday
5. Continue on Hwy. 9 North (gravel from Hudson Bay) 50 miles to the top of a large hill
6. Turn right at the top by a small cabin
7. Follow the trail into the woods 3/4 mile to the steel gates and you are at the camp

Drive Carefully

Whitetail Hunts:

Hanz Meyer

Home: (306) 768-2287

Mobile: (306) 768-7623

Email: hanz-mco@hotmail.ca

Box 967

Carrot River SK

S0E 0L0